So here we go, another beta. A few things have gone on here. Firstly we have index controller support, then a load of bug fixes, also an update to the image loading code which improves the speed of image loading and doesn't interrupt the VR and a load of bug fixes.

This beta is going to lead onto a default build. This is for a couple of reasons, firstly because I need to release index controller support and secondly I need to release updates to the default build more regularly. So below is more detailed list of updates

  • Updated Unity3D

  • Improved fidelity of main menu.

  • Index controller support.

  • Double tap of skip forward/backward fixed.

  • Corrected reversed backwards/forwards on position panel.

  • Added memory of previous FOV when going through projection options.

  • Fixed scrolling on input menu.

  • Fixed some spelling mistakes.

  • Fixed double click issue when going from next previous media.

  • Fixed tilt up not moving smoothly on hotkeys.

  • Replaces all the texture loads with a different method which improves load times and removes pauses in VR.

There's likely to be other things I've done but that's the ones I can remember for now :)

If you want to comment check out the news post on Steam:

And Finally

So that’s all the updates I can remember. This is going to default soon as the release of the Index means I need to support the controllers in the main build.

As always bug reports, questions and feature requests are always welcome. I hope you like this update and I hope it improves your experience.

Until next time

Keep watching :)

Heads up on developement

So I’ve been working hard on new updates and one dropped on Monday. However I haven’t released it as a full beta yet as it’s a major update which is likely to have problems.

Major you say. Problems, prey tell.

Yes. The two things I’ve updated are the SteamVR SDK’s to 2.2 and Unity3D to 2019. Both of which have cause a load of code rewrites some expected and other not. The Unity3D update buggered up all my toggle groups so I had to go through and rewrite the way toggles worked and the SteamVR 2.2 meant I had to completely change the way inputs are registered.

The good new is that I’ve managed to get these updates working and I’m now in the process of checking all the elements to make sure I’ve not broken things in other areas. This will allow me to go on and hopefully add new features in the future with the latest tools and Unity3D improvements.

So expect a full beta release early this weekend with another one at the end with hopefully some feature stuff.

Until then thanks for everyone’s support.


Hi all a new beta has been released

So I’ve knocked out the first beta in my collection of weekly betas. Here is a link to more information:

In summary though:

  • Hide timebar option so that it doesn’t show up in the playback when skipping forward and backward. Setting/interface/Show progress bar...

  • Whirligig now remembers the volume from your previous session.

  • Maximum file name length to stop crash when player ini is saved.

  • Suppressed loading settings checkbox fixed.

  • Text in UI sharpness improved for better legibility.

  • Command line options added to disable VR and to force player to run using SteamVR. -disablevr and -forcesteam

  • Playlist option improved.

  • Updated Oculus SDK, Unity3D version and plugins.

  • Fixed force mono on all videos. Settings/projections/Depth/

So so far so good. I hope to continue the beta releases so keep an eye out for a new one next week :)


Today I worked on

So I’ve manged to do a few things on Whirligig after work. Not uploaded yet but getting some stuff done.

  • Continued to integrate NonVR option.

  • Fixed issues with Monitoring panning speed slider.

  • Added new feature to keep the progress bar hidden when skipping forward and backward.

  • Updated Oculus SDK’s.

So this is to start my new social presence.

Hi everyone one, or maybe just me, it’s difficult to say.

I’ve been working on Whirligig for a long time now and my active work on it varies greatly. I’ve not been as active as I would like for a little while now but I want to change that, or to at least keep people informed of my work on the player.

The first thing I’m going to try and do is start to release updates more regularly again. Getting into a routine for me has been a bit of a pain recently. Fingers crossed this will change now. So find below the things I’m going to be working on for the next couple of updates.

  • Release a new OculusGo/GearVR Beta. It’s been a while and I’ve updated a lot so a new version of this should be a good start.

  • Hide timebar option when playback is happening.

  • Renaming videos?

  • keep volume settings after closing and opening Whirligig.

  • Check Force mono on videos is working.

  • Check maximum number of files for browser.

  • Finish playlist option and make it a proper feature.

  • Check suppress loading options is working correctly.

  • WMR testing. Wrong height has been reported so I need to go back and check the integration again.

  • Non VR support

So that’s the current run of things I want to look at next. I may or may not stick to this as there are other things I’d like to add including better room options etc so they may sneak in if I fancy doing them earlier. Also if people have requested stuff and I’ve forgotten I’ll be looking at that as well.

So other than that that’s it for now.

Hope you stick around to see how things develop and I look forward to all your feedback.

Until next time.


Whirligig beta 4.51 release and it's a biggy :)

Hello everyone

So we are sooo close now to a full default release update. I intend this beta release to be the last release before then and the only thing I want different is any bug fixes that I'm currently not aware of.

So where do we begin. The truth is I've not been keeping a full check on the updates I've included so I will be highlighting the biggest I can think of and know that there are a load of others that I've forgotten to include. So here comes the list.

1. Rewritten into C Sharp
Full programing language change. I've rewritten Whirligig to be entirely in C Sharp. This although a massive change shouldn't have an impact on the main running of Whirligig, although during the switch over I've also tried to optimise some of the code. Hopefully this should make Whirligig a bit more stable and quicker. This in the long run is to help with my ability to convert Whirligig to run on Android devices so I can support headsets such as the Oculus Go and Vive Focus.

2. Settings Menu Update
I've got a designer friend in to help with remaking the settings menu to make a lot of the hidden features more accessible and also make it easier to find and add new feature. During this process I've rewritten the code for this menu so again improving the ability to add new features.



3. Improved Input Menu
The input menu needed an overhaul in both design and code. The previous versions coding meant that it was very slow and had a chance of breaking. This new menu system works in a similar way to be before but is much cleaner in both design and code. Hopefully it should feel smoother and more stable.


4. Worked on the main design of the UI
In the redesign of the menu I've also remade the main UI. One of the less know but big features of Whirligig is the ability to change the menu design to other premade ones of varying degrees of complexity and colour. This was an opportunity to remove some of the old basic designs, remake the main default design to be much more simple and provide better access to the other menus. If you don't like the simplicity of the new design you can simply go back to the old one.



5. A new Second monitoring system
Whirligig has for a long time had the ability to have none VR support. When you don't have VR attached you can use the player as a 360 degree 3D video player with anaglyph. This feature has again like so many other features has been a bit hidden. I decided to dust it off, improve it and make it a part of the player properly. What this means is you can now have your desktop monitor work as a second screen which full mouse support so while a friend is watching the video in VR you can be navigating and using the player with the mouse on screen. I feel this feature has many very useful applications. I work in a situation when I have to demonstrate videos to people and this automatically makes my life easier.



6. Force Mono
When watching some 3D films sometimes the 3D is done so badly that it is just better to be able to turn it off. This allows you to do that while still maintaining the 3D settings such as Over Under, Side by Side.

7. All major plugins, engine and SDK's updated to their latest release.
Keeping these up to date helps to make Whirligig and stable and powerful as it can be.

So this are the currently updates I think people might be interested in. As I say I've updated so much there are defaintly many features, bug fixes and improvements I haven't listed here. To biggest thing to note is that this is the last Beta release before the default build updates on all platforms Oculus, Vive and Steam. There won't be any new features. This is being put out to check for bugs before for being released as default. For that reason if you find any problems with this build please let me know. I'm very much in debt to the community for bug reports and feedback. A lot of the updates are directly because of feedback so I take this very seriously.

Apart from all that I hope you enjoy this release and look forward to hearing what you have to say :)

Until next time

Happy watching


Whirligig 3.98 Beta update. Big UI update with loads of other stuff

I've been working on Whirligig for a long time now and since it's release in April last year I've made significant improvements to the video support, features, bug fixes and much more. Well this update is a big one in the life of Whirligig as I've finally decided to address something that a lot of people have been critical of since the beginning. The UI. 

I've put off making any significant changes to this for a long time as I've put a lot of functionality updates above that of the look of the player. Well now I've finally got a designer and friend in to design me a new UI and I've done my best to integrate it into Whirligig. It's not fully finished and some of the menus still need a bit of work but I hope you'll agree that it's a marked improvement on before. This isn't just a look change, there are new ways to change the settings default resets and menus have been designed to reflect the new design of the main playback window. On top of this I've continued to improve other aspects of the player, fixed more bugs and added some new features.


If you don't like the new menu or prefer the older ones the option to change between menus hasn't gone anywhere and you can easily change back to the old one in the menus menu. To access this menu goto settings (the cog on the UI), the last tab and open up the menus menu from there.

Find below a list of all the things I can think of that made it into this update.

  • UI Overhaul, sliders for all options, easily change between modes and all other menus given the same style. This has also meant an improved mouse support and link between menus.
  • Improved Glue UI with effect moving the UI to the HMD location between play and pause.
  • Nine additional backgrounds.
  • Bug fixes including tilt up/down option fix, duplicate cursor fix and many more.
  • Improved option for very small radius and close screens.options.
  • Added new custom format for watching videos recorded on the Oculus demoing stuff. This is courtesy of Andrew Hazelden who has helped me a lot in testing and providing custom projection formats. You can find out more about his amazing 360 production programs on his blog here :

Theres plenty of other things I've added but I haven't properly kept track of them all. If I manage to think of any more I'll let you know.

If you don't like the new menu or prefer the older ones the option to change between menus hasn't gone anywhere and you can easily change back to the old one in the menus menu. To access this menu go to settings (the cog on the UI), the last tab and open up the menus menu from there.

As I mentioned before I've been working on this UI update for some time. There are several people who have made suggestions for improving Whirligig and I've been taking them down and working out what to add next. The improved UI has been a big task which has yet to be finish but I've done the bulk so the next update will include more features as well as aesthetic improvements. Please keep suggestion stuff to me as I am constantly on the looking for new things to add.

I would love your feedback

Whirligig 3.98 has only been released on Steam Beta at the moment. This is because as it's such a significant update it will require a lot of screenshot changes, tutorial changes and bug testing. I also want to get feedback from the community about what you think of it. Is it a step in the right direction? what is it missing? are there any bugs you've come across? I really want to know what people think before I make the plunge into releasing it as the default build for Oculus Store, Viveport and Steam Store.

I hope you like these changes and look forward to your comments.


Release of Whirligig 3.96 and launch of Whirligig on Oculus Store

Whirligig On Steam

Whirligig on Oculus

So a lot has been happening in the Whirligig camp. Firstly Whirligig has finally made it to the Oculus Store. This was release on the 15th of February and I have yet to properly announce it. In truth this is the announcement.

I've also been hard at work with at bug fixes updates and new features. The latest beta on Steam has some major improvements including full mappable controls on all devices include keyboard, Vive controllers, Touch and gamepad. I've also updated all the plugins fixed bugs made improvements and loads more. So let's have a look.

Whirligig on Oculus Store

I've been working on getting Whirligig on the Oculus Store for the good part of 4 months now. My intention has always been to have Whirligig on the Oculus Store as well as the Steam store and anywhere else that might want to try Whirligig. It's taken me so long to get it on the store as it kept getting rejected for one reason or another. I've spent a large part of the last couple of months optimising the code, fixing bugs and working at improving the framerate to get it past Oculus's strict conditions for entry. Much of the problem lay in the rejection process which provides very little information on how they have come to the conclusion that they have and also how to recreate the issues they've come across so you can fix them.

So in truth a lot of the optimising, bug fixing and improvements were blindly done to hope that it would pass the process and thankfully after several rejections it finally got accepted and was released on Wednesday the 15 of February.

Why haven't I Properly announced it

The version that finally made it onto the store was after a long period of work and I believed it was going to get rejected again. When it passed and I was given a release date it finally gave me control to update whenever I liked, without having  to go through the review process again. So I quietly released it. This hopefully gave me some some but not to much feedback so I could prepare for the first update and a proper announcement. This has almost come to pass :) I am now testing the beta I've released today on Steam so I can push this out to all Oculus users as well as the Steam users (Also Viveport although the process takes longer). This brings up the question of Beta builds. Unfortunately Oculus doesn't have the same system as Steam regarding the ease in which to do beta builds that anyone can test. I've concluded that the best approach is to reduce the time between release and betas. This hopefully should keep all users up to date with no less than a 2 weeks difference. 

And Finally What's in Whirligig 3.96

As mentioned before I've been working hard on new updates. This is one of the biggest updates I've done so far. The best way to go through all the improvements is to list them and go through the more significant ones.

  • Added Keyboard, Vive, Touch mapping.
  • Added 6 model types for Touch controls.
  • Added new room, tilted dome and flat dome.
  • Added Switch Laser for mapping on Vive Controllers.
  • All keys disable when Vive dashboard so you can't accidentally push options.
  • Added the ability to map radius/distance to the controllers.
  • Updated UMP and AVpro plugins and also looked at changing media foundation to use Unity audio source to allow Oculus headphones to work as default.
  • Removed position menu from settings and give it it's own menu.
  • Changed the way the position and zoom system works so that it doesn't move the menus.

All new mapping for all input devices

So mapping has been added to the thumbsticks on the Gamepad. That's pretty much the improvement of the gamepad update. You'll notice however that there are now tabs at the top. These lead to Touch, Vive Controller and keyboard mapping. I'v done my best to map all the buttons on each device. The only exceptions are the buttons that are lock to default actions. These include the triggers on both the Vive and Oculus controllers, the Touch controller switch laser button and on the keyboard the numbers, escape and space. I'll be making tutorials for all of these options in the near future. Hopefully it's mostly self explanatory and be aware that I will continue to improve this feature with, for example default reset options on all inputs and maybe the addition of the Oculus remote.

Something you might also notice is that I've included a way to change the Touch controllers for different models. The main drive for this was that I bought an asset from the Unity store to get a good Touch controller model. It came with several skins and I thought it would be a good addition. If people like it I'll look at adding it to the Vive controllers and also adding more skins :)

Added new room, tilted dome

So the big addition here is a tilted dome and a flat dome. So two additional rooms. I've also worked with a 3D modeler and designer who made the new rooms and improve the other rooms as well. It's a slow process but hopefully things are moving in the right direction. The only Room I'm not happy with is the outdoor cinema which I will be replacing with something better once I can figure what.

And all the other updates

So I continue to try and improve the player with fixes and general improvements to the playback systems. The people behind Unity3D, the video and other plugins have updated several components and I've followed suit so hopefully you'll gain some benefits from those updates as well.

Conclusion and the future

So In conclusion, this update and announcement is pretty big. If you try the Steam beta let me know what you think and if you have any problems. If you've just bought the Oculus Store version expect an update to this version over the weekend. Fingers crossed I've not broken anything.

So for the future. There have been requested feature updates such as gaze support, payback speeds, a-b looping, which I would like to add soon. I also want to improve the position movement system I've got in there so you can move back when watching a film if you want. So small updates on the way. The biggest update you'll see soon though is a major overhaul of the interface. Well sort of major. I've got a designer and friend in to look at making a slick and exciting new look and feel. This will be combined with some new additions to the interface such as slide bars for the main ui on all the changeable options. So expect the next version to have some big improvements and some guided design which it's very much needed for a while. If you do like the Menu now though don't fear, all old menus will be available so you can choose whichever suits you best.

I hope you continue to enjoy Whirligig and like the improvements I'm making. If you have any problems let me know and I'll do my best to fix them. Suggestions are also welcome and if you really like the player good reviews on the Oculus and Steam pages are very much apriciated.

Until the next update. Over and out.


Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials and other stuff.


So I've been working on a load of tutorials to explain different aspects of the player. Hopefully these will make it more evident about using those features.

Whirligig - SaveLoad

Whirligig - Input Controls

Whirligig - Image adjustment

Whirligig - Changing the Menu

Whirligig - Backgrounds

I've also made a tutorial to going over the useage and features of the free version so it can help people get started if they want to use that version. That can be found here:

I rambles on a bit but hopefully it's useful :)

Oculus Store Submission

I've also been working on releasing it on the Oculus Store for all the obvious reasons. The store setup is a bit different but hopefully it should be easy enough to update both as I go along.

And Other Stuff

I've been working on a few things and trying to improve the player through bug fixes etc. My general drive has been a bit lackluster recently though, partly due to personal issues and party due to working on aspects that interest me less but need to be done. I will be ramping up production though and hopefully the Oculus Store submission will be a bit of a boost if that gets accepted. The Game will hopefully be pushed back into production as well. The game development has driven the Producer a great deal so that needs to be documented better for people as well.

So with any luck you'll start to seem some new stuff coming soon.

Hope everyone out there is well.

Until next time adios


Whirligig Producer

I thought as I've been working on a new project to the Whirligig brand, yes I've decided to make it a brand :) Kind of. I thought I'd post some pictures of my progress.

The update I'm refering to is an overhaul of the Publisher soon to be called the Producer. I've been working on this for a while and the producer has been a long term plan of mine to try and make something that expands the creativity of the player and make something that others will hopefully find really useful. The end goal of this is to start work again on my game and during that process build on the producer to make it a much more useable product.

So here are some pictures of the Producer so far.

Some of the notable improvements are the design and the addition of the images menu. This is going to be rename as it currently makes no sense. A lot of what's gone on is under the hood. You'll notice that the publish menu has gone and is now combined with the projects menu. The way that projects are built is totally different as well.

All of this will be explained much better on release :) until then marvel over the preview and also don't fear, work on the player has not stopped. The player is an integral part of the producer so as I build on the producer new features will be added to the player and vise verse. I hope to release a new version with new features of the player next Monday. Hopefully with a new room :)

Until the next update. Keep on Whirligiging or whatever.



3.85 updates to the Steam version, Backgrounds, Menus, Image Adjustment and more

Ok. I've added a few more features this time. This is in beta release until Monday when as long as no one lets me know of big bugs I'll release as the standard release.

So without further adieu lets continue with the big changes.

Backgrounds Added

Background options.

Background options.

So I've added a new background option. This allows you to change the background to a selection of 12 different backgrounds. This is the first phase of this option. I intend to also allow people to use their own backgrounds as well but that will come in future versions. The options to choose from are 4 colour backgrounds, 7 cloudscapes and one image I've provided from my up and coming game. Expect more to come and also the option to add your own.


Menu Menus



There has been an option in the player to be able to add your own menus or at least switch between the new ui and the ui from the free version. This option has been hidden under the 'h' keyboard shortcut. Well I've added a whole menu system for it now. This is similar to the backgrounds menu where once you open it you can choose from a selection of different menus (3 at the moment). Just simply click on them and the menu will change to that version. All menus have the menus option button on them so you can easily switch back if you like. There are currently only 3, these include the default menu which you will know from before, the free version menu with added buttons which is bigger and will probably be easier to read on older VR headsets and the third is a simple version of the menu with the progress bar and buttons but no tilt,FOV etc. All these settings are available in the settings menu so you can use them there if you need to.

Here are the different menus.

Here are the different menus.


Added image adjustment menu

Change media settings

Change media settings

You can now change the saturation, brightness, contrast and gamma of the video (not images yet but will be there soon). This option is in the buttons tab and on the main menu. Once open simply use the sliders as you would expect. The settings are saved for each video and can be easily reset.


Settings menu gets buttons tab

Buttons menu

Buttons menu

The settings menu now has a buttons tab. What this is is a tab that contains all the buttons that you get on the ui. Why I've put this in is so that you can access all the menu options you need from the settings menu which in turn should allow for an even more stripped down menu. Also it kind of unifes all the options.


Also ran updates

Added reset buttons to all the options in the settings menu to get back to the standard settings easily.

Added option to turn off mouse control which unlocks the cursor. This is very useful if you don't intend to use the mouse as it allows you to easily jump to your desktop and move the Whirligig window etc.

Changed the way the drives are detected in the explorer hopefully fixing issues with drives not showing up.

Change f2 shortcut so it doesn't hide and reveal the menu as this is an option in the settings menu. Now it reveals the settings menu. So people who want a way to hide the menu untick the 'select play/pauses' now when clicking outside of buttons the menu will hide and reveal, to play hit the play button. 

Subtitles now work in rooms and Curved Cinema.

There are a few other updates I've done along the way in the form of bug fixes etc and tweaks here and there but I won't mention them here as they are either too boring or I forgot what they are.

So I hope you like the updates. I'm going to continue to update and improve the player and I've been updating and improving the publisher which runs alongside the player so hopefully You'll see some interesting updates in the future :) 

Again if you find bugs or have suggestions please let me know and if you like Whirligig and want to let me know leave some nice reviews on the Steam page :)

Until the next update, happy watching.


3.83 update now set to default build

The Steam version of Whirligig is now updated to 8.3

The free version of Whirligig is now updated to 8.3

The publisher has been updated.

So what have I been upto. I've been hard at work trying to integrate a new video rendering path into the player that allows for 3 options of playback Directshow, Media Foundation and VLCVideoLan. I've now completed that an in the process added a load of other stuff. If you use the Steam version and you're trying out the betas you'll probably know quite a bit about the updates. If not then you'll be jumping from version 3.72 to 3.83 which a load new features and updates. Hopefully all good and hopefully I've not added a load of bugs into the mix. 

Here is a brief rundown of the updates.

Settings menu including, full adjustment, Background glow, position adjustment, volume,supersampling and access to many more options. 

Video paths added, Directshow, Media foundation and VLCVideoLan. 

Directshow plugin update which should be faster and allows gpu decoding on Nvidia. 

Srt separate subtitle support. 

Arrow keys,gamepad and Oculus remote work in explorer. 

General bug fixes. 

The free version has also been updated to include all these features. The only difference is that the UI is much more limited in the free version and you won't get the latest updates as they come in. If you're not sure about whether you want to buy Whirligig on Steam then consider trying the free version first. If you do buy the Steam version then thank you, you're helping to support me in improving the player and also you'll get all the bonuses of new updates and the new UI.

I've also started work on the publisher again and that has been updated and works with the latest version of Whirligig. It's hard to explain the publisher so if you're interested check here:

It's not totally up to date but will give you some idea of what I'm trying to do with that.

I hope you like this update and if you do let me know with a nice review :) 

known bugs. (that I'm working on to fix) 
The player sometimes crashes when going from DirectShow to VLCVideoLan. If you find that this always happens then try going to media foundation first before VLCVideoLan. 

When setting the radius really small sometimes the menu will goes behind you. Resetting your position can help fix this. 

There are probably loads of other bugs but I'm trying to work on them as best I can. If you come across any let me know how you caused it and I'll do my best to fix it. 


Below I'm going to go into more details relating to each update for people jumping from 3.72 to 3.83. 

New Menu
I've been adding loads of features over the development of the player but a lot of the features have been somewhat hidden. I've now created a new settings menu that has all these features making it easy to access them and easy for me to add more to them. So firstly to access this menu use the cog icon on the main display at the bottom on the left. Each menu explained: 

Background glow. Turn off and on the background glow for cinema films. 
Loop. Turn loop on and off. 
Swap Eyes. The standard for stereo is left right but this allows you to swap those eyes. 
Mirror display. Mirror the display to the monitor off and on. 
Glue UI. Glue the UI to the hmd. 
Subtitles. If there are subtitles turn them off and on. 
Select plays and pauses. This allows you to hide the menus with the select buttons and simply use the playpause icon. Default as like the orignal system. 
Volume. Turn volume up and down. 
Stereo Separation. Increase or decrease stereo separation of a 3D film. 
SuperSamping. Increase or decrease SuperSamping. 

This menu allows you to move the camera position around. Currently simple Backward, Forward, Up, Down, Left, Right. 

Here you can access all the controls you need to adjust the projection and playback of the video. So a quick list: 
Stereo options. Mono, Over Under, Side by Side. 
Projection Type. Fisheye, Barrel, Cinema, Curved, Custom, Rooms. 

Video Path
You can now choose from 3 different types of video path. These include. 

Directshow. The original type of playback. This is the most stable and best quality but requires you to install codecs to get the most out of it. If you have the LAV codecs installed and running properly I'd stick with this one. 

Media Foundation. This is the default type of support that Windows 8 and 10 brings. It's has a lot more supported codecs and requires no additional codecs to be installed. It isn't as fast as the Directshow codecs. Media Foundation isn't compatible with Windows 7 so will be disabled on those systems. 

VLCVideoLan. This has a far wider support than Media foundation and is relatively fast. It doesn't have as many as LAV support with directshow but is a good place to go if you don't want to install additional codecs. It also is compatible on all systems. VLC also can play back Youtube videos and I'm currently working at integrating this support into the player. 
Subtitle support. 
You can now have subtitles with your films. If you have a film and want to have subtitles then simply accompany the film with an srt file so for example. Alice in Wonderland.mp4 and the subtitle file Alice in 

The subtitles will play automatically but you can turn them off with a xbox mapped button or by using the new menus. 

There are loads of other little things such as bug fixes and little improvements.

Whirligig Update 3.72 available in betas


I have for a long time been updating the beta, leaving the main default build behind. This was due to issues with a bug in Unity. From the last release 3.71 this won't happen and any version that goes into beta will soon be followed by an update of the main build. This is the first of those update with the main build being updated this friday. 

I will make a better announcement on Friday once the testing process is done but until then here is a list of the changes with highlights on the main features. 

To try this build simply right click on Whirligig in Steam, go to properties, go to the beta tab and in the beta dropdown select 3.72

If you find any issues let me know so I can fix them for the friday release :) 

Free Version

 The new Steam version also herolds a new version of the free version of Whirligig. This version also contains all the updates and additions of the Steam version. The one thing it doesn't have is all the new UI updates, so the new icons the new look and menus for the Rooms, Select projections, Custom Projects etc.

All functionality though is still there. You just have to use the keyboard and Gamepad to access them.

The update of the free version is to continue on to an update  for the Publisher. At present though the publisher is using an old version. A lot has changed in the menu system since the last publisher update so it needs to be rewritten before it will work with the new version.

New features

Added 10 more Save slots. 

Added clear to save slots so you can tidy up those slots. 

Added clear to presets. 

Added video outer glow option for Cinema and Cinema Curved. This is accessible by the keyboard 'z' and is mappable to the xbox controller. 

Next Media and Previous Media added to the options for the xbox controller. 
Add .ts and .tp now support. 

Improvements and bug fixes

Updated Unity3D to UNITY 5.4.0F1 

Remote press button holds now so that you can easily scroll up and down. 

Glue to HMD now glues the Explorer and over menus to it as well. 

Fixed small scale not setting the menu distance properly. 

The cursor is now hidden when the menu is hidden. 

Fixed issue with the menus not changing when loading presets. 

Fixed crosshair while save slots are present so it is over the slots and not on a separate plane. 

If a film is no longer found then the save slot will disappear. 

Changed the buttons of and the way they work on presets so they look nicer. 
Added name on presets so you know which one you're loading,clearing,saving. 

Fixed the over menu option. The old menu didn't work when going to it as it was setup wrong.

Update to 3.7 Default another big update :)

Something I'd like to say before diving into the updates.

I've been working on this player for a long time and I've been working on it as an individual with a full time job. Putting it on Early Access has allowed me to reduce my full time work hours giving me more time on Whirligig to improve and add features that people have requested. Anyone who has bought Whirligig in these first stages of commercial development has helped support me and allowed me and will continue to allow me to add more cool features. 

If you have enjoyed using Whirligig and want to thank me in any way other than paying for it :) please give some nice reviews on the Steam page. Anyone who as read through the reviews of Whirligig will probably be quite confused as to whether the player is any good or not as they seem to range quite dramatically from 'this a garbage and gives Early Access a bad name' to 'this is the best VR video player out there and well worth the price'. This is bloody confusing for me I can tell you. Hopefully the UI updates will help to improve the overall negative feedback. 

I want to continue to build on Whirligig adding features and improving the player on each update. I am aware that my time for being one of the only VR video players out there are numbered but I do want to continue to make Whirligig something beyond a Video player giving options that no other player would have. Your support in both investing and giving feedback is incredibly important to me and I very much appreciate it. 

Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy all of the new features in this version. 

All the best and happy watching. 

Phil from Whirligig

Now thats over let's look at the updates :)

Well here is another big update. The large part of this update is that it is an update to the default build so bringing the default build up to speed with the beta builds. I've had to give up on Oculus and Unity fixing the mouse problem before updating as this doesn't seem to be something they are fixing soon. I've worked out the problem and if you use the mouse with the Oculus you are informed that you have to click outside the area and back in again to use the mouse properly. If you don't use the mouse then this message won't appear. 

So lets look at the updates from the previous default version. 

UI Updates 

The design
(Main UI) 
I've complete redesigned the UI. The old UI was designed for the DK1 and although useable was large and a bit confusing for a lot of people. It was also designed for keyboard control not mouse or crosshair control. 

What I've done to improve this is to shrink down the UI change the feel of it so it isn't so intrusive. I've designed the buttons to be more compatible with the feel of new UI interfaces and hopefully it is much easier to understand straight away. 

(Play,fast forward, rewind, previous and next) 
The original design did not have these options on them. This is because playing was a simple case of pressing fire/select and fast forward and rewind was left and right. However this seems to of confused a lot of people and also not having that familiar video controls puts a lot of people off. I've add them in and they are now a prominent part of the progress bar. although I have added these I am aware that I don't think I've got the order right. If people think it should be a different order let me know. 

(Other Menus) 
The left and right buttons for things like tilt and rotation makes sense but I don't think that this is user friendly for things like select projection, custom projection and rooms. These all have their own menus now that appear when you click the button next to the name. This makes a lot more sense and hopefully should improve the user experience considerable. 

(Custom Projection) 
The custom projection option of Whirligig is one of the most powerful parts of the player allowing me to add bespoke options for cameras such as the Theta and weird projection formats such as the wide selection of cubemap options. The way to select this before wasn't the best I can think of, having to go through a list of options rather than just selecting the one you prefered. Now you can do this with all the customs projections being listed in it's own menu. This allows for the addition of new formats with ease and makes custom projections a proper feature of Whirligig. 

The explorer icon used to be above the UI. Now it is part of the UI next to the video name. I felt that this is a fundamental part of opening a new file and made sense to be part of the UI rather than a separate part of it. 

The Explorer has also been improved in a few ways including a better look and easier to grab scrollbars. The colour of the scrollbars have also been changed to make them more easy to see. For some reason people weren't noticing the scrollbar and thinking they had to have their films in alphabetical order or something. 

Other improvements
I've added a presets option. This allows you to save the settings of a video and then load it up with another video. 

(Grip of Vive makes the controls sleep) 
I've added a way of turning all the menus off on the controllers so that they go to sleep when pushing the grips. This allows you to hide them easier when watching a film. 

(Xbox GamePad) 
The Xbox gamepad controller now uses a different control system which should remove incompatibility which some people were having problems with. It also means there is no need to have a dropdown option to select your gamepad. I've also added two new button options the two shoulder triggers. These are set left and right as default but can be change to any function in the same way that all the other buttons can. 

Other things added
I've made many other updates since the last default update. I won't go into detail here but here is a list. 
Updated to the latest Unity3D build. 
Updated to the latest SteamVR plugin
Updated to the latest Oculus Build. 
An ability to change the stereo separation on 3D films. 
An ability to change the SuperSampling for SteamVR. 
Defaults the Vive to right handed. 
Numerous custom projections added. 
Look of save slots improved. 
Mappable Gamepad options for hide and show menu added. 
Full player reset option. Do this by pressing ctrl, alt and tapping f9. 

And a load of bug fixes. 

I hope you like the UI update and if not let me know. As I said at the top of this post if you like the player and want to see it develop let me know and post some nice reviews. If you don't like it then also let me know. I want to fix problems and make it a player worth owning so all feedback good or bad as long as it's constructive is aprciated.

So happy watching and I hope you enjoy the Whirligig experience.

Whirligig on Steam

Update to 3.8 beta on Whirligig for Steam ( Big UI and Video plugin update)

Big update number one. Video plugin

OK so this has been talked about for a long time and now it is here. I have finally updated the video plugin and now DirectShow and Media Foundation support can be built from the same build. Firstly what this means is that I can constantly update the Media Foundation option (Both will be combined into one in the future) and I am now running the latest version of the plugin which is faster and plays smoother in both directshow and media foundation. So in the direct show version you should notice smoother playback of files, I've noticed it switching backward and forward between the old and new plugins and I'm on a relatively slow machine.

Big update number two. UI

I've been taken a lot of the comments about the UI on board and I've worked on a new UI system which I hope will be considered a new and improved version over the previous one. 


I've been working on a way to add new UI's so that you can choose between them and this has required a lot of recoding to make this process easier. If you've browsed my website you will know I have a publisher that runs alongside Whirligig. The publisher is a way to design your own UI's. After updating the player this is no longer going to work in the current version of the Publisher but I will be working on an update to this which will allow you to make your own UI's.

So currently the default UI is the one you see in the example above. If you prefered the old one just press 'h' on the keyboard and you can switch backwards and forwards between them.

Why isn't this the default version yet and still only beta.
There is a bug in Unity3d which means that with the Oculus Rift the Cursor doesn't stay locked to the centre of the window. What this means is that if you use the mouse you very easily click outside of the window causing the player to become unfocused. I consider this a significant issue that prevents me from making the latest Build the standard build. I might well have to just release it anyway though, as the amount of changes are becoming too large to not consider it an improvement.

Updating to the betas a howto:
Simply right click on Whirligig in Steam, go to properties, go to the Betas tab and then in the betas dropdown either select the Directshow latest build or the Media Foundation version.

Final word.
This is one of the biggest updates so far. Both the UI update and the video plugin update has changed a large part of the code. For this reason it is possible I've added issues to the player. I hope that all these changes are making it more stable but if there are issues please let me know.

Feedback Feedback Feedback
I've tried hard to improve the look and feel of the UI and hope that people will consider it an improvement over the previous version. The previous UI was originally designed to be used on the DK1 which is one of the reasons for the large buttons and size. I've built this new version with the DK2 and up in mind so buttons are smaller, Everything that should have a menu option has one now i.e. the projection type, the custom formats, the explorer etc. I've tried to mirror other UI's for video players (although this is hard as VR requires a different approach to many things). There are still many improvements to make but I hope this is in the right direction. If you think otherwise though please let me know and I will continue to improve it in my weekly updates.

So hopefully you find this week's updates to your likely. 

Until next week.


Whirligig Steam Page:


Other updates
-A new room has been added called bedroom. Now watch a film as if you're in a Hotel.
-Unity version update to Unity 5.4.0b22
-And some other bug fixes. I've probably added more in this update though so I won't shout to loud about it.

New update with new Explorer improved UI (Hopefully)

Whirligig Update.

OK. So Whirligig has been on Steam for over 5 weeks now and I've got the comments back and found more time and generally tried my best to work out the reasons behind the bad reviews and comments on the discussion forum. So what have I done?

The Explorer
The first port of call was mostly the Explorer. Something that I generally didn't think was that bad and was adequate enough until I had time to put into making a new one. It appears it was that bad and I needed to put time into it now, so I have. So what have I done with the Explorer. I've completely replaced it, that's what I've done. I've made something that I think will make a whole lot more sense to first time users and will will be considered a great improvement on the previous version.

The Menu
So the next port of call was the main menu. Generally, although it looks basic and can do with a bit of tender loving care I thought the best thing to do with this is add the functions from the Vive controller on the main menu. By doing so it makes all of the quick access options onto the main menu for Oculus users. Although all these options are on the Gamepad it doesn't always seem to be obvious. So for example all the Stereo Options are easily visible on the menu.

Gamepad Options
Now there has been an ability to change all the gamepad options in Whirligig from the start but one thing that hasn't been possible is that you don't see the options window in the HMD. Well all this has changed. Partly as this was confusing a load of people and also when I implemented the explorer it broke the Gamepad Options. Because of this the gamepad options is a new button on both the main menu and Vive controller. Hopefully it feels more integrated into the main player now.

Mouse Control
All of these new control systems are accessible with the HMD cross hair and Vive controller Laser. But there is a natural inclination to want to use the mouse to select the controls and buttons. This is especially apparent for the Explorer. So what I've done is add a mouse control system so that is, if the mouse is moved it will take control of the cross hair/laser and allow to navigate with that.

A word of warning regarding the mouse control. So one of the things that I have to do with the mouse control is to lock the mouse cursor to the centre of the display, otherwise you would keep moving outside of the bounds of the window and accidentally defocus the player. This means that unlike the previous version where you can go off and click on other windows you will not be able to do it with this version. I don't yet know if this is a big problem for people or actually will help as you won't accidentally loose focus on Whirligig. I am going to include in the next update a command line option to disable the mouse support for people who don't want this option. Feedback on this is very much appreciated.

Other stuff
So there has been a load of other changes including updates to the Unity version, SteamVR version and many bug fixes. I've tried hard to removed the ini file getting confused and breaking everything and I've also tried to fix the gamepad failing to be recognised so that people have no D-pad options. Some of these bug fixes are hard to test and as a result my attempts to fix them may well have failed. Please let me know if you find these issue continue and if they do I'll keep having a crack at them until they are squashed for good.

Final word
In this update I've tried to address a lot of the problems people were having and make the whole experience a much more enjoyable thing. Whirligig is not part of a big company or a throw away experiment, it is solely written and developed and continues to be developed by one person, me. I am going to continue to develop it for the foreseeable future and want to make it into a tool and player that people want to use. I hope you like the updates and I want to know what updates you want to see in the future. The more feedback I get the better Whirligig can be for everyone who uses it.

Future updates
Now I've got a new UI system in there I want to continue to develop that so that you can easily select formats, rooms and custom formats. I've had a good amount of feedback on the discussion forum and a few of those ideas will soon be in there too, including stereo separation, Vive controller sleepy time (so you can hide them and they don't come on while watching a film) and many more hopefully. The big one I want to do is integrate the new Video plugin from Renderheads which will improve performance and add Media foundation support. This won't be in there until they have release full directshow support across all windows platforms though but they are hopefully releasing this this month so fingers crossed that will be in there soon and herald a new era of better performance and default support. Long term I'm also looking at another plugin called Popmovie which will allow for multiple audio channels, spacial sound and subtitle support.

So hopefully you'll stick with me and enjoy the new updates as they come.

Until next time

Over and out


Here's a link to the Steam page


---------------------Full release details----------------------
A big UI update.

-Unity3d Updated to 5.4.0b17
-SteamVR plugin updated to 1.1.0
-Brand new explorer replacing the old one completely.
-In HMD Gamepad Options.
-Bug fixes to confused ini files.
-Gamepad update to help with problem not detecting gamepad. The default gamepad is now Xbox one without Auto Detect. I removed this as it was causing problems. Hopefully this should help alleviate gamepad d-pad problems.
-Mouse support. The UI system now has mouse support. This means that all the options on the UI are now selectable with the mouse. This should hopefully really improve the usabilty of Whirligig. This does pose one big problem which is that I have lock the mouse in the view otherwise you end up clicking outside of the view. This may be a problem for some who are used to being able to select outside of the program. I am going to see what the feedback is and see what to do from there.
-Added Icons to the menu to allow people without the Vive controller to be able to select those options.
-Added Gamepad Edit as a new icon.
-Updated documentation to reflect changes.
-Updated the start screen with changes.
-Aspect ratios for 3D over under films should be auto detected properly now.
-Curved and flatscreen aspect ratio script has been re written and the models for these have been replaced. This means that they will appear bigger but that the size represents the height in meters of the screen. This will benefit updates in the future.
-A new custom format has been added 'Facebook Pyramid'. Thank you Andrew Hazelden :).
-The trailer has been updated.

Known Bugs
-Gamepad and Explorer are going to be a bit wierd in the desktop mode as the mouse is stil controlling the movement while trying to select options. It will be fix in the next update hopefully.
-The explorer doesn't always select the correct drive. I don't know why yet. You can simple click a different drive and back again.
-Dropdowns in the Gamepad options will select the option if clicked to the left of the dropdown to close.
-If the wrong gamepad is selected the d-pad will access will be mixed around. Xbox one and 360 have different mapping so need to be selected correctly to get the dpad working properly.

Fixed Zoom and Volume cross over issue.
Updated Help screen.

Whirligig is now on Steam

Well just under a week ago I uploaded the first version of Whirligig to Steam. This is a big thing for me and is the first time I've ever put anything I've made up for sale. A one person project is a big task to take on especially as I've had to work on it part time. Well below is 'the announcement' that I've put all my cards on the table, hat into the ring or neck on the line.

Why are you selling a free player?

So I've been working on this player/maker thing for around 2 years now and I've spent a long long time trying to make it a useful tool for just watching films or working with media in a production environment. I've done this for the joy of working in VR and looking to the future of making my own interactive experiences. Well now I think it's at a stage to see if anyone else would like it. I was sent a Vive  by Valve which was coool and I started working on interaction with their controllers. They also gave me a steamworks account and a way to put Whirligig on the Steam Store. So as the first step was done for me I thought it would be a good idea to get it up and running on the Steam store and see if people wanted it. As far as I could work out I couldn't find any way to put it on for free (I'm sure there is I've seen other stuff for free). So I've put a reasonable price on it, I think $3.99, less than a pint of beer, at least here in the UK to see what happens.

I want to continue working on this player/tool and to do so I need time and hopefully feedback from the community to find out what people and want. I think that although there are other video players out there, that there is a place for Whirligig amongst them. It has some unique features and I am constantly updating it to try and make it even more useful. With your support I can carry on that development and make it an even better tool for everyone.

What about the free version?

I don't want to get rid of the free version. I think the free version is a good way to get people using VR as a video format and it has some good features that makes it stand out. So I'm going to continue to release free versions. What might happen is the free version might become a demo version on the Steam site. I don't intend to have a crippled unusable version. It will play the films in the same quality and with the same features. But the paid version will have some interesting inclusions. More of which, next.

What does the paid version offer over the free version.

The paid version has full VR control without the need of the keyboard. It should turn the Whirligig experience into a much nicer experience for all.

Example of the Vive controller interaction.

Better rooms for that living room effect

Better rooms for that living room effect

The above examples show some of the advances in the player for the paid for version, including a far nicer looking room.

I also intend to update the paid for version a bit more regularly. The great thing about steam is that I have an ecosystem for me to release the player in. It has forums, pushes out updates to users, beta options and much much more. An ecosystem such as this is a proper place to have a product to allow it to grow. With something like this I can communicate and work with the community to help make the player better. This is something that is quite difficult to achieve when you just have a website and dropbox account.

A little bit about the steam site

I've released it as Early Access. This is because at this stage although it been out for a while it still needs proper feedback from the platform it's being distributed on and also when I finally go to release it I want to know that it is at a stage where it is documented well and free from the bigger of the bugs. Although it has a homemade feel to it I want it to be useable and enjoyable. Once I'm happy that Whirligig is at a stage that can be released I'll then release it and have a stream of betas that will add more features for the most adventurous of us.

So what do you want from us then? Is it just our money, it's just our money isn't it.

No, dear god no. I've put it up for a small amount because I'm hoping to be able to continue to develop it. With sales comes the ability for me to make time (I'm currently in a full time job as well as making this player). I'll also be able to invest money into better video plugins, assets to make more rooms and work with others to make the experience better for everyone. It will give me a chance to be able to add much more advanced features such as watching 3d blurays, watching with friends from anywhere around the world, advanced production support such as Spout support, planetarium rooms for dome production and integration with other programs such as PlayblastVR (currently it has it but there is alway room for improvements) or even After effects.

If it is supported then it will be possible to add these features or many others that I haven't even thought of yet that can be suggested by you. I also want to continue my development of making Whirligig so customisable it can be used in promote other people's work, be used in demonstration environments and also my muse that is to make an adventure game in it :)

So if you do buy it you can help me by reviewing it on Steam (I would really much prefer positive reviews but if you have to, tell me what's wrong with it) get on the forum and report bugs, make suggestion, talk amongst yourselves. 

I think Whirligig can be far more than just a player and I hope to be able to make this happen.

And finally

I've just updated the Steam version of the player with bug fix updates and control updates to help people having problems with the d-pad. I will be updating the free version tomorrow with these updates so that everyone can benefit.

So if you buy Whirligig on Steam, thank you very much, I look forward to hearing what you think. If you are downloading it for free from here then also let me know what you think. Either way I hope you enjoy using Whirligig and I hope to be impressing you some great updates in the future.

Until next time.

Over and out.


Head on over to Whirligig on Steam here:

Or download the free version from here:


Big update and with that comes a lot of waffle

This is the last big update for the free version of Whirligig before it makes its way onto Steam for sale. I also want to have it on the Oculus Store but the player is still "Under Review". Also as Valve were kind enough to send me a Vive for development and assist greatly in getting my player ready for Steam it seems only fitting it appears on there first.

Don't worry that Whirligig is going to become overly prices, I intend to sell it at a low cost of around 4 Eurosish. I would also like to have a free version available still with less features. If the player/publisher has any success then I will be able to continue to develop it adding new features and make it both a great place to watch films and also develop your own films. I've always wanted Whirligig to be more than just a player and many of the hidden features are used by artists to assist with their own film making. Being able to add more of these features is my long term goal.

So, what's actually new in this version? I hear you mutter impatiently under your breath. Well here we go.

This is going to be a difficult one to list as a lot has happened. 
I've basically going to do it from memory and will most likely miss stuff out.

Active in this build
Oculus Runtime 1.3 support added.
SteamVR and Oculus now in the same build.
Unity 5.4.0b10 updated.
Menu redesign.
Dome changed to Fisheye
Fisheye OU added.
Rooms SBS added.
OU, SBS removed from menu.
Stereo options added so you can select the ou and sbs options.
Fixes to the Custom format.
Explorer now transparent.
Xbox incorrectly detecting controller fixed. Hopefully.
Moved the menu slightly back to improve VR viewing.
Moved it forward in desktop mode for the same reason.

Menu Changes in Detail
A couple of explanations about changes to the menu. The menu has been slightly redesigned. The design is mostly the same as before (Original design by Aaron Bradbury, check out his website. He's a very good artist ). Firstly I've removed the 'Quit' option. It seems a bit pointless as you can just close it with the x and also in the SteamVR and I guess Oculus Home you can close it though the VR setup. Removed 'Play' option. This isn't strictly true. What I've actually done is move it to show it as if it's selecting the progress bar. In truth to play the film you only have to press fire/spacebar etc. What the play menu allowed though was an ability to skip forward and backward in the film. It made sense to just have it represent that. For this reason I've also increased the Progress bar height so it's easier to read.

Nothing. They are still there. I've just removed them from the format menu. As every format option had all three 3D options Mono, Over Under and Side by Side, it made sense to remove them from the format options and have a simple one key press on each option to go through the selection. This key press is both on the xbox controller and also the key 'y'.

So Whats going to be different in the Steam version

There are lots of additions to the player I haven't listed here. The reason being is that they currently disabled. This is due to the fact they aren't finished and also that they are going to be in the Steam version.

Things I will have (hopefully) in the Steam version. The list

Full Vive controller support.
I've worked hard on getting full Vive controller support so that you can use the controller like a laser pen and change the options simply by pointing at them. Also on one of the controller you will get a full selection of options you can point and choose from.

Oculus head mounted Control?
If you don't have a Vive controller the laser pen will be mounted to your head so you can simple point it and what you want and change it that way. The extra controls on the other Vive controller won't be present but they will be all acessable using the xbox controller anyway.

Improved documentation.
I'll be making a proper help file listing all the key presses, hidden options troubleshooting guide and anything else I can think off.

Better Rooms.
The two rooms in the current build. The drive in cinema and Living room will be a bit more that just a proof of concept. I also hope too but might not be able to depending on time, get an extra room in the in the form of a planetarium. If this isn't available on the 5th of April (intended early access release) it soon will be and will appear with standard updates.

Automatic updates
Releasing on Steam means that I can also provide automatic updates for the player. This is really useful as with new hardware there are constant updates coming out for Unity3D, SteamVR, Oculus runtime, the list goes on.

You get to support Whirligig
When you buy Whirligig you will be supporting me and giving me time to work and money to add additional options continue to improve the player. optionals I want to add and by buying this would directly support are.

Steaming Videos from URLs.
Many more Rooms.
Changing the Video plugin to improve performance.
Mac support.
IOS,Android support.
GearVR support.
Being able to sync with another person to watch a film together.
Bluray playback (God knows how I would do this but I'm sure theres a way).
Spout support.
Webcam support.
And loads more that I can't think off right now. I also intend to continue my drive to make Whirligig a proper Adventure game creator and release my game with it,.

Final Thoughts

With the addition of SteamVR support and Unity allowing Oculus and OVR to be in the same build this release is quite a big change to the way the program works. For this reason please let me know if you have problems with this version. I've tried my hardest it make this a stable release and I'm hoping that with the two VR headsets finally getting to or close to their Release dates that version incompatibility will become a thing of the past. I don't think we're there yet. So, as always, let me know what you think, suggestions from you are always good. If I can't add them now then I'll have my eye on them for the future.

So happy watching and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


SteamVR Support and other updates


Well another update has emerged and in my eyes a big one, maybe.

I was recently sent a Vive by Valve  to aid the development of my player on that platform. It's really nice to get free stuff and in this case it has really helped me in getting my player compatible with the Vive using the SteamVR plugin for Unity. This hopefully should mean it's now compatible with other SteamVR compatible devices. So this includes support for OSVR. To be honest as far as I'm aware when it comes to public consumer VR headsets for computer systems there are really only three, the Oculus, Vive and OSVR. It's good to include support for all three devices with one plugin.

So currently the player has split in two with a separate streams for the SteamVR build. The two versions apart from the Steam support are identical so all features should be the same. you can download from here I am hoping to condense these two versions down to one in the very near future.

There are other updates apart from the SteamVR support and here they are.

Other Updates

  • The Whirligig format has been born .wlg Why I hear you cry, Why WHY WHY!!!!! Well I wanted it and the use may well help development in the future. The first thing that the wlg format allows is to reference another video files and give it different settings but be it's own thing. I've added the ability to set a frame range for a video. What this means is that you can have several referenced wlg files that look at the same video and have different frame ranges. This can help if you want to say, make a game. The second thing which I haven't added yet is the ability to have files  which give different properties to Whirligig. I intend in the near future to add a Webcam.wlg and Spout.wlg options which will stream webcam and spout stuff to the player. Adding a file type will set me quite a way down that road.
  • Fixed hotspot sbs and mono not loading correctly.
  • Updated the Video plugin to the latest build.
  • Updated Unity version.
  • Andrew Hazelden has kindfully provided another custom format LatLong 360x90 visit his page at

Submission to the Steam site

I've started the process of having my player on the Steam site. There are going to be several ways to distribute your VR applications, the Oculus Store and Steam being the two main ones. I've already started the process of getting my player on the Oculus site and now I've started the process of getting it on Steam. Now Whirligig has SteamVR support it seems only natural to distribute it there as well.

Pricing is a big question regarding getting your player out there through this route.  Up until now I've given it away for free and excluding the small number of greatfully received donations have made no money on it.  Now that I'm going to put it on the Oculus store and Steam I'm going to charge for it. Only a small amount probably around 3 euros. There are some really good advantages in this type of distribution. Firstly anyone who purchases it are supporting future development, that's good for me :) and secondly you will get all automatic updates and based on the popularity of it I will be adding new feature at a continuous rate. I don't intend to remove the ability to download it from here though. I'm considering having it free to download from here with less frequent updates. I'm hoping that people will purchase it just for the convenience of having it in there library.

Let me know what you think. There are lot's of players out there and most likely to be more coming soon. I've spent a lot of time making mine unique and hopefully it will stand out from the crowd.

Many updates including the exciting ROOMS!!!!!!

I've been working on a few improvements over the last few weeks in an atempt to get things ready for the release date. Simple fixes, updates to the player that work with the publisher, intergration of the gamepad setup and of course the biggest of all the intergration of ROOMS!!! :)


Firstly Gamepad control Integration

You have been able to change the controls of the player for a while. This has been done by opening the gamepad.exe and you would get something that looks like the picture below. This has now been integrated fully into the main player. This means there is no need to open up a separate program. Simple press the edit gamepad button or hit 'x' and on your monitor you will see this display. You won't see this on the Oulus Rift and will be able to continue to use it as normal as you setup your controls how you like them. I'm hoping that this will allow me to add more functions without having to have them integrated into the player as default.


What are 'Rooms'?

Rooms are a preset location in which you can watch your films.

Currently there are only two rooms available, this includes a drive in cinema/3D and a living room/3D. This is currently in the proof of concept stage so the rooms are very much unpolished. especially the living room. Over time I hope to improve the 2 already available and also continue to add more. I quite like the idea of having themed rooms to watch your films, such as an old shack to watch Cabin in the Woods or a tent to watch The Blair Witch Project or even an xwing to watch star wars :) Anyway hopefully they will be improved on over time if people like them or at this stage at least the idea of them. Most of the work to get 'Rooms' into the player has been acheived so now it's just a case of the artistic element of creating the locations that people can be in. 

To get to 'Rooms' simply navigate the 'Format' menu until you get to 'Rooms' and then the 'FOV' menu to go through your room options. Currently the examples here have no changable options so you can't change the size rotation or anything like that. They are set to 16x9 mono and Over Under Stereo. Hope you like them.


The drive in cinema with menu.

The drive in cinema with menu.

The drive in Cinema

The drive in Cinema

A basic room

A basic room

Other Stuff that I've done

A few other things to mention including an addition of the 'Ricoh Theta S' in the Custom Format menu kindly created by Andrew Hazelden

Updates to the publisher and player so that hotspots work better and are more accurate. Also when hitting 'f6' for the secret menu you get green blobs so you can see where the hotspots are.

The publisher has been updated so that it can now be full screen. This has been included so I can work on my game on a windows tablet without having to squint.

The left mouse button now plays and pause the film again. This may have to be locked to only the none windows version.

Loads of Fixes and probably the addition of loads of bugs as well :)

So I hope you like the new updates. I'm sure there will be more to come and hopefully I'll fix bugs during that time to. If you have any problems give me a shout and I'm always open to suggestion. Until next time, happy VR Cinemaing.