Hi all a new beta has been released

So I’ve knocked out the first beta in my collection of weekly betas. Here is a link to more information:


In summary though:

  • Hide timebar option so that it doesn’t show up in the playback when skipping forward and backward. Setting/interface/Show progress bar...

  • Whirligig now remembers the volume from your previous session.

  • Maximum file name length to stop crash when player ini is saved.

  • Suppressed loading settings checkbox fixed.

  • Text in UI sharpness improved for better legibility.

  • Command line options added to disable VR and to force player to run using SteamVR. -disablevr and -forcesteam

  • Playlist option improved.

  • Updated Oculus SDK, Unity3D version and plugins.

  • Fixed force mono on all videos. Settings/projections/Depth/

So so far so good. I hope to continue the beta releases so keep an eye out for a new one next week :)