Heads up on developement

So I’ve been working hard on new updates and one dropped on Monday. However I haven’t released it as a full beta yet as it’s a major update which is likely to have problems.

Major you say. Problems, prey tell.

Yes. The two things I’ve updated are the SteamVR SDK’s to 2.2 and Unity3D to 2019. Both of which have cause a load of code rewrites some expected and other not. The Unity3D update buggered up all my toggle groups so I had to go through and rewrite the way toggles worked and the SteamVR 2.2 meant I had to completely change the way inputs are registered.

The good new is that I’ve managed to get these updates working and I’m now in the process of checking all the elements to make sure I’ve not broken things in other areas. This will allow me to go on and hopefully add new features in the future with the latest tools and Unity3D improvements.

So expect a full beta release early this weekend with another one at the end with hopefully some feature stuff.

Until then thanks for everyone’s support.