So this is to start my new social presence.

Hi everyone one, or maybe just me, it’s difficult to say.

I’ve been working on Whirligig for a long time now and my active work on it varies greatly. I’ve not been as active as I would like for a little while now but I want to change that, or to at least keep people informed of my work on the player.

The first thing I’m going to try and do is start to release updates more regularly again. Getting into a routine for me has been a bit of a pain recently. Fingers crossed this will change now. So find below the things I’m going to be working on for the next couple of updates.

  • Release a new OculusGo/GearVR Beta. It’s been a while and I’ve updated a lot so a new version of this should be a good start.

  • Hide timebar option when playback is happening.

  • Renaming videos?

  • keep volume settings after closing and opening Whirligig.

  • Check Force mono on videos is working.

  • Check maximum number of files for browser.

  • Finish playlist option and make it a proper feature.

  • Check suppress loading options is working correctly.

  • WMR testing. Wrong height has been reported so I need to go back and check the integration again.

  • Non VR support

So that’s the current run of things I want to look at next. I may or may not stick to this as there are other things I’d like to add including better room options etc so they may sneak in if I fancy doing them earlier. Also if people have requested stuff and I’ve forgotten I’ll be looking at that as well.

So other than that that’s it for now.

Hope you stick around to see how things develop and I look forward to all your feedback.

Until next time.