Whirligig Update 3.72 available in betas


I have for a long time been updating the beta, leaving the main default build behind. This was due to issues with a bug in Unity. From the last release 3.71 this won't happen and any version that goes into beta will soon be followed by an update of the main build. This is the first of those update with the main build being updated this friday. 

I will make a better announcement on Friday once the testing process is done but until then here is a list of the changes with highlights on the main features. 

To try this build simply right click on Whirligig in Steam, go to properties, go to the beta tab and in the beta dropdown select 3.72

If you find any issues let me know so I can fix them for the friday release :) 

Free Version

 The new Steam version also herolds a new version of the free version of Whirligig. This version also contains all the updates and additions of the Steam version. The one thing it doesn't have is all the new UI updates, so the new icons the new look and menus for the Rooms, Select projections, Custom Projects etc.

All functionality though is still there. You just have to use the keyboard and Gamepad to access them.

The update of the free version is to continue on to an update  for the Publisher. At present though the publisher is using an old version. A lot has changed in the menu system since the last publisher update so it needs to be rewritten before it will work with the new version.

New features

Added 10 more Save slots. 

Added clear to save slots so you can tidy up those slots. 

Added clear to presets. 

Added video outer glow option for Cinema and Cinema Curved. This is accessible by the keyboard 'z' and is mappable to the xbox controller. 

Next Media and Previous Media added to the options for the xbox controller. 
Add .ts and .tp now support. 

Improvements and bug fixes

Updated Unity3D to UNITY 5.4.0F1 

Remote press button holds now so that you can easily scroll up and down. 

Glue to HMD now glues the Explorer and over menus to it as well. 

Fixed small scale not setting the menu distance properly. 

The cursor is now hidden when the menu is hidden. 

Fixed issue with the menus not changing when loading presets. 

Fixed crosshair while save slots are present so it is over the slots and not on a separate plane. 

If a film is no longer found then the save slot will disappear. 

Changed the buttons of and the way they work on presets so they look nicer. 
Added name on presets so you know which one you're loading,clearing,saving. 

Fixed the over menu option. The old menu didn't work when going to it as it was setup wrong.