Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials and other stuff.


So I've been working on a load of tutorials to explain different aspects of the player. Hopefully these will make it more evident about using those features.

Whirligig - SaveLoad

Whirligig - Input Controls

Whirligig - Image adjustment

Whirligig - Changing the Menu

Whirligig - Backgrounds

I've also made a tutorial to going over the useage and features of the free version so it can help people get started if they want to use that version. That can be found here:https://youtu.be/5Svgphimh58

I rambles on a bit but hopefully it's useful :)

Oculus Store Submission

I've also been working on releasing it on the Oculus Store for all the obvious reasons. The store setup is a bit different but hopefully it should be easy enough to update both as I go along.

And Other Stuff

I've been working on a few things and trying to improve the player through bug fixes etc. My general drive has been a bit lackluster recently though, partly due to personal issues and party due to working on aspects that interest me less but need to be done. I will be ramping up production though and hopefully the Oculus Store submission will be a bit of a boost if that gets accepted. The Game will hopefully be pushed back into production as well. The game development has driven the Producer a great deal so that needs to be documented better for people as well.

So with any luck you'll start to seem some new stuff coming soon.

Hope everyone out there is well.

Until next time adios