Whirligig beta 4.51 release and it's a biggy :)

Hello everyone

So we are sooo close now to a full default release update. I intend this beta release to be the last release before then and the only thing I want different is any bug fixes that I'm currently not aware of.

So where do we begin. The truth is I've not been keeping a full check on the updates I've included so I will be highlighting the biggest I can think of and know that there are a load of others that I've forgotten to include. So here comes the list.

1. Rewritten into C Sharp
Full programing language change. I've rewritten Whirligig to be entirely in C Sharp. This although a massive change shouldn't have an impact on the main running of Whirligig, although during the switch over I've also tried to optimise some of the code. Hopefully this should make Whirligig a bit more stable and quicker. This in the long run is to help with my ability to convert Whirligig to run on Android devices so I can support headsets such as the Oculus Go and Vive Focus.

2. Settings Menu Update
I've got a designer friend in to help with remaking the settings menu to make a lot of the hidden features more accessible and also make it easier to find and add new feature. During this process I've rewritten the code for this menu so again improving the ability to add new features.



3. Improved Input Menu
The input menu needed an overhaul in both design and code. The previous versions coding meant that it was very slow and had a chance of breaking. This new menu system works in a similar way to be before but is much cleaner in both design and code. Hopefully it should feel smoother and more stable.


4. Worked on the main design of the UI
In the redesign of the menu I've also remade the main UI. One of the less know but big features of Whirligig is the ability to change the menu design to other premade ones of varying degrees of complexity and colour. This was an opportunity to remove some of the old basic designs, remake the main default design to be much more simple and provide better access to the other menus. If you don't like the simplicity of the new design you can simply go back to the old one.



5. A new Second monitoring system
Whirligig has for a long time had the ability to have none VR support. When you don't have VR attached you can use the player as a 360 degree 3D video player with anaglyph. This feature has again like so many other features has been a bit hidden. I decided to dust it off, improve it and make it a part of the player properly. What this means is you can now have your desktop monitor work as a second screen which full mouse support so while a friend is watching the video in VR you can be navigating and using the player with the mouse on screen. I feel this feature has many very useful applications. I work in a situation when I have to demonstrate videos to people and this automatically makes my life easier.



6. Force Mono
When watching some 3D films sometimes the 3D is done so badly that it is just better to be able to turn it off. This allows you to do that while still maintaining the 3D settings such as Over Under, Side by Side.

7. All major plugins, engine and SDK's updated to their latest release.
Keeping these up to date helps to make Whirligig and stable and powerful as it can be.

So this are the currently updates I think people might be interested in. As I say I've updated so much there are defaintly many features, bug fixes and improvements I haven't listed here. To biggest thing to note is that this is the last Beta release before the default build updates on all platforms Oculus, Vive and Steam. There won't be any new features. This is being put out to check for bugs before for being released as default. For that reason if you find any problems with this build please let me know. I'm very much in debt to the community for bug reports and feedback. A lot of the updates are directly because of feedback so I take this very seriously.

Apart from all that I hope you enjoy this release and look forward to hearing what you have to say :)

Until next time

Happy watching