Whirligig Producer

I thought as I've been working on a new project to the Whirligig brand, yes I've decided to make it a brand :) Kind of. I thought I'd post some pictures of my progress.

The update I'm refering to is an overhaul of the Publisher soon to be called the Producer. I've been working on this for a while and the producer has been a long term plan of mine to try and make something that expands the creativity of the player and make something that others will hopefully find really useful. The end goal of this is to start work again on my game and during that process build on the producer to make it a much more useable product.

So here are some pictures of the Producer so far.

Some of the notable improvements are the design and the addition of the images menu. This is going to be rename as it currently makes no sense. A lot of what's gone on is under the hood. You'll notice that the publish menu has gone and is now combined with the projects menu. The way that projects are built is totally different as well.

All of this will be explained much better on release :) until then marvel over the preview and also don't fear, work on the player has not stopped. The player is an integral part of the producer so as I build on the producer new features will be added to the player and vise verse. I hope to release a new version with new features of the player next Monday. Hopefully with a new room :)

Until the next update. Keep on Whirligiging or whatever.