3.83 update now set to default build

The Steam version of Whirligig is now updated to 8.3

The free version of Whirligig is now updated to 8.3

The publisher has been updated.

So what have I been upto. I've been hard at work trying to integrate a new video rendering path into the player that allows for 3 options of playback Directshow, Media Foundation and VLCVideoLan. I've now completed that an in the process added a load of other stuff. If you use the Steam version and you're trying out the betas you'll probably know quite a bit about the updates. If not then you'll be jumping from version 3.72 to 3.83 which a load new features and updates. Hopefully all good and hopefully I've not added a load of bugs into the mix. 

Here is a brief rundown of the updates.

Settings menu including, full adjustment, Background glow, position adjustment, volume,supersampling and access to many more options. 

Video paths added, Directshow, Media foundation and VLCVideoLan. 

Directshow plugin update which should be faster and allows gpu decoding on Nvidia. 

Srt separate subtitle support. 

Arrow keys,gamepad and Oculus remote work in explorer. 

General bug fixes. 

The free version has also been updated to include all these features. The only difference is that the UI is much more limited in the free version and you won't get the latest updates as they come in. If you're not sure about whether you want to buy Whirligig on Steam then consider trying the free version first. If you do buy the Steam version then thank you, you're helping to support me in improving the player and also you'll get all the bonuses of new updates and the new UI.

I've also started work on the publisher again and that has been updated and works with the latest version of Whirligig. It's hard to explain the publisher so if you're interested check here:

It's not totally up to date but will give you some idea of what I'm trying to do with that.

I hope you like this update and if you do let me know with a nice review :) 

known bugs. (that I'm working on to fix) 
The player sometimes crashes when going from DirectShow to VLCVideoLan. If you find that this always happens then try going to media foundation first before VLCVideoLan. 

When setting the radius really small sometimes the menu will goes behind you. Resetting your position can help fix this. 

There are probably loads of other bugs but I'm trying to work on them as best I can. If you come across any let me know how you caused it and I'll do my best to fix it. 


Below I'm going to go into more details relating to each update for people jumping from 3.72 to 3.83. 

New Menu
I've been adding loads of features over the development of the player but a lot of the features have been somewhat hidden. I've now created a new settings menu that has all these features making it easy to access them and easy for me to add more to them. So firstly to access this menu use the cog icon on the main display at the bottom on the left. Each menu explained: 

Background glow. Turn off and on the background glow for cinema films. 
Loop. Turn loop on and off. 
Swap Eyes. The standard for stereo is left right but this allows you to swap those eyes. 
Mirror display. Mirror the display to the monitor off and on. 
Glue UI. Glue the UI to the hmd. 
Subtitles. If there are subtitles turn them off and on. 
Select plays and pauses. This allows you to hide the menus with the select buttons and simply use the playpause icon. Default as like the orignal system. 
Volume. Turn volume up and down. 
Stereo Separation. Increase or decrease stereo separation of a 3D film. 
SuperSamping. Increase or decrease SuperSamping. 

This menu allows you to move the camera position around. Currently simple Backward, Forward, Up, Down, Left, Right. 

Here you can access all the controls you need to adjust the projection and playback of the video. So a quick list: 
Stereo options. Mono, Over Under, Side by Side. 
Projection Type. Fisheye, Barrel, Cinema, Curved, Custom, Rooms. 

Video Path
You can now choose from 3 different types of video path. These include. 

Directshow. The original type of playback. This is the most stable and best quality but requires you to install codecs to get the most out of it. If you have the LAV codecs installed and running properly I'd stick with this one. 

Media Foundation. This is the default type of support that Windows 8 and 10 brings. It's has a lot more supported codecs and requires no additional codecs to be installed. It isn't as fast as the Directshow codecs. Media Foundation isn't compatible with Windows 7 so will be disabled on those systems. 

VLCVideoLan. This has a far wider support than Media foundation and is relatively fast. It doesn't have as many as LAV support with directshow but is a good place to go if you don't want to install additional codecs. It also is compatible on all systems. VLC also can play back Youtube videos and I'm currently working at integrating this support into the player. 
Subtitle support. 
You can now have subtitles with your films. If you have a film and want to have subtitles then simply accompany the film with an srt file so for example. Alice in Wonderland.mp4 and the subtitle file Alice in Wonderland.srt 

The subtitles will play automatically but you can turn them off with a xbox mapped button or by using the new menus. 

There are loads of other little things such as bug fixes and little improvements.