Find below a collection of tutorials demonstrating many of the feature and functions of Whirligig.


Using Whirligig

A complete overview of the UI system and player


Saving and Loading your position

Whirligig allows you to bookmark your films, saving the location so you can return to them later.


Input Controls

Whirligig allows you to map many of the different features to the xbox gamepad buttons.


Image Adjustment

Whirligig has options to change the saturation, brightness, contrast and Gamma of each image and video.


Changing the Menus

Whirligig's core is highly customisable which allows for multiple types of menu. This tutorial shows you how you can easily change the menus to suit your purpose.



When watching films or view images you can change the background for a more pleasant experiance. This tutorial shows you how to do this and the examples of the default backgrounds available.