Domemaster3D by Andrew Hazelden Update

I've worked in 3D animation and 180/360 degree development for 8 years now. Dear god where did the time go. During this time there have been many developments in new technologies and one of the biggest has been Fulldome 3D. I can honestly say that good full 360 degree 3D wouldn't of been possible without Andrew's plugin for Max and Maya. 4 years ago 3D in this sort of environment was only possible is one of the few full 3D planetariums in the world. Now with the onset of VR this is all about to change.

If you are a CG Artist and are considering branching out into the realm of pre rendered full 3D worlds then the first place you should go is his site. Here is a link to his blog demonstrating his latest updates to Domemaster3D and from there you can access all of his other great tools.

And on a side note, his plugin also works with my player :)