Many updates including the exciting ROOMS!!!!!!

I've been working on a few improvements over the last few weeks in an atempt to get things ready for the release date. Simple fixes, updates to the player that work with the publisher, intergration of the gamepad setup and of course the biggest of all the intergration of ROOMS!!! :)


Firstly Gamepad control Integration

You have been able to change the controls of the player for a while. This has been done by opening the gamepad.exe and you would get something that looks like the picture below. This has now been integrated fully into the main player. This means there is no need to open up a separate program. Simple press the edit gamepad button or hit 'x' and on your monitor you will see this display. You won't see this on the Oulus Rift and will be able to continue to use it as normal as you setup your controls how you like them. I'm hoping that this will allow me to add more functions without having to have them integrated into the player as default.


What are 'Rooms'?

Rooms are a preset location in which you can watch your films.

Currently there are only two rooms available, this includes a drive in cinema/3D and a living room/3D. This is currently in the proof of concept stage so the rooms are very much unpolished. especially the living room. Over time I hope to improve the 2 already available and also continue to add more. I quite like the idea of having themed rooms to watch your films, such as an old shack to watch Cabin in the Woods or a tent to watch The Blair Witch Project or even an xwing to watch star wars :) Anyway hopefully they will be improved on over time if people like them or at this stage at least the idea of them. Most of the work to get 'Rooms' into the player has been acheived so now it's just a case of the artistic element of creating the locations that people can be in. 

To get to 'Rooms' simply navigate the 'Format' menu until you get to 'Rooms' and then the 'FOV' menu to go through your room options. Currently the examples here have no changable options so you can't change the size rotation or anything like that. They are set to 16x9 mono and Over Under Stereo. Hope you like them.


The drive in cinema with menu.

The drive in cinema with menu.

The drive in Cinema

The drive in Cinema

A basic room

A basic room

Other Stuff that I've done

A few other things to mention including an addition of the 'Ricoh Theta S' in the Custom Format menu kindly created by Andrew Hazelden

Updates to the publisher and player so that hotspots work better and are more accurate. Also when hitting 'f6' for the secret menu you get green blobs so you can see where the hotspots are.

The publisher has been updated so that it can now be full screen. This has been included so I can work on my game on a windows tablet without having to squint.

The left mouse button now plays and pause the film again. This may have to be locked to only the none windows version.

Loads of Fixes and probably the addition of loads of bugs as well :)

So I hope you like the new updates. I'm sure there will be more to come and hopefully I'll fix bugs during that time to. If you have any problems give me a shout and I'm always open to suggestion. Until next time, happy VR Cinemaing.