Oculus Rift runtime 1.3 and up.
SteamVR, Vive, OSVR.
Desktop none VR.

Windows 7 up
8gb memory
For VR your system will have to meet the minimum system requirements of that device.

Oculus Rift Runtime 1.3 Setup (Allow Unknown Sources)
As this isn't on the store yet and therefore doesn't have a certificate to certify it by Oculus you need to allow unknown Sources in the Oculus 1.3 store settings. To do this, open Oculus, go to settings, go to general and tick Unknown Sources.

Whirligig on Steam

I've been working towards a paid version for release for a while and now it is available to download on Steam. If you like the free version, the Whirligig on Steam builds on it, with better quality Rooms, a head mounted and control mounted menu select system and full Vive controller support. Plus you will get automatic updates and access to the Steam Whrilgig community forums.

The Whirligig on Steam's playback system is the same so you won't be getting anything less if you are using the free version. But if you like the free version and want to try some of the extra feature then support me and go buy yourself a copy :)

One last thing. It's currently really cheap as well. 

£ 2.79 Sterling,  $ 3.99 US Dollars, € 3.99 Euros and all the other currencies as well.

Download Whirligig free version

Important Notice

I previously have been including the codec LAV and CodecTweakTools with the installation package. As of today 23-05-2016 I am no longer doing this. I have been making Whirligig for over two years now and I've been trying my best to make it as easy to install and start using right away. One of the biggest hurdles is getting the codecs installed and working with the player. This is the reason for including them with Whirligig and the installer. The Codecs (LAV) and Codec Tweak tools are well established programs which I trust and recommend to anyone wishing to install the codecs for themselves. However they are made by other individuals and as such I can not be take responsibility for the installation and configuration of theses tools anymore.

 To be honest this isn't that big a problem. Installing and setting up codecs to work with Whirligig is pretty easy and I have also created a tutorial on how to do so. It also makes the installation smaller and makes the building of new versions easier for me so also probably means I'll release new version more often. Either way I list below the LAV codec, TweakTools, tutorial on how to install klite and a link to klite. Everything you need to get Whirligig running all the videos you want :)

If you still don't want to install the klite pack I've also included a download below that only installs the LAV codecs and Codec Tweak Tools.

Tutorial on installing Klite

Lav Filters


Codec Tweak Tool

Here is a simple installer for the LAV encoder that will help people get setup without the need to install klite. I still recommend Klite but if you want to avoid any possibility of installing unnecessary stuff then this is pretty stripped down to it's basics.

The only things contained with this installer is the LAV Codec installer and the CodecTweakTools. You'll be prompted to install the LAV encoder and once that is installed the installer then registers it with CodecTweakTools.

The installer will install to you 'program files' folder. If you have issues with playback such as a black screen then try installing a codec pack such as Klite.

If there is too much traffic on dropbox try this link:

The zip file contains just Whirligig in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. It is highly recommended that you install additional codecs such as LAV and make them the preferred codecs. I recommend using a codec pack such as Klite as this is all done automatically for you.

If there is too much traffic on dropbox try this link: