Gamepad Controls

As part of Whirligig you can change the controls for the player for your gamepad (I've built it for the Microsoft gamepad). Below you will find the default controls.

Keyboard Controls

y = Stereo Options. (Mono, Side by Side, Over Under)
m = Mirror display off/on (DK2 Only)
o = Swap the eye’s for stereo videos.
Space, Fire, Left mouse = play/pause video playback.
l = Loop video off/on.
g = Glue menu to head off/on.
q = return to the beginning of the film and pause.
up/down = move up and down the menu when in pause mode.
Left/right = When in pause mode and play selected fast forward and rewind video. When on other menu option change option.
Left/right = When in video playing fast forward and rewind.
ageup/down = when on pause play menu selected and when video playing skip forward and backward 1 minute. If the film has chapters go forward and backward a chapter.
F10 = toggle Oculus Rift and desktop mouse control.
F11 = toggle fulllscreen. Not sure what it does in direct to Rift mode.
r = reset orientation.
- = Volume Down.
== Volume Up.
s = Save media and position

Other keys

f1 = help menu.
f2 = hide\show menu.
f3 = hide\show grid locked to projection.
f4 = hide\show grid Locked to World. 0 Tilt.
f5 = hide\show grid locked to Camera.