Whirligig Publisher update

I've just updated the publisher so that it isn't required to export out two different version for either 32 or 64 bit windows. I can test this on 64 bit systems and it ll works fine. However I don't fully know if it works on 32 bit systems.

I just wanted the player to be one exe rather than two and now I've combined that into the publisher as well so you can publish just one file to your friends and family and whoever else who is interested.

I've also removed the test 64 bit 32 bit version. When you run the test it will just run the 32 bit version which will work on both systems. This means that you might find that the performance in test mode isn't as good as when published but it simplifies the who process so currently this is how it works. This may change in the future.

P.S. Hope you're liking the new site :)