Big update briefing :)

OK, so a big update to both the publisher and the player. Loads of updates to both, but mostly unless you are making a game you won't come across a lot of them. One you will be able to use is the savegame option which allows you to bookmark the media that you are watching and return to the media and position you left it. So to do this just press 's' and go from there.

I've also updated to the latest version of Unity which means that the player and publisher requires 0.8.0 Oculus runtime and above.

I'm going to do a proper update blog on this tomorrow but wanted to throw out a quick blog just to let people know. Here is some info of the updates from the readme file.


Quite a few changes here.
projects menu
It now selects the project you just made once you've made it.

Menu Menu
Fixed the time and duration so that when imported it selects that button.
Added VR to bottom right corner which will load the player on that menu so you can check it.

Options Menu
Removed the change background colour.
Removed the menu representation on the right and replaced it with showing the media.
Removed a lot of the options that are now unavailable.
switched the position of the disable keys and options.
Added a when media finishes next option. This allow you to go to a different video or menu or the next video in line. New options will be added on request.
Added VR to bottom right corner which will load the player on that menu so you can check it.

Hotspots Menu
Removed the change background colour.
Added a key image. If you select key then you are required to add an image. That image will be the one reporcented in your inventory.
Added an ability to have sound on hotspots. They are positioned in the location of the hotspot and loop and aren't linked to the video sync. They are also reactive to the hide unhide on variable option.
Moved and updated media hotspot location.
Fixed. Stuff, and probably broke stuff, you tell me.
Added VR to bottom right corner which will load the player on that menu so you can check it.
Hotspots were half the size they should of been, or twice I can't remember, anyway it's fixed.

Publish menu
Added VR to bottom right corner and removed test in player.
Fixed an issue with the published file being saved out into the wrong folder.


Ok so a load of stuff has gone on here. An updated version has happen which means the player is now only compatible in runtime 0.8.0. Unity version 5.2.2p3. You can download an older version from the website that should work with eariler versions of the runtime.

A save function has been added which you can use to save a bookmark to the media your looking at. When you load it will return to the media at the place you saved.

Adventure time :)
I've built in an Inventory and save system for game creation. This the first version and may or may not have bugs. There will be tutorials very soon on this, hopefully.

Fixes, probably a load of other stuff and as always I've probably added a load of bugs as well.

You can now scroll with the mouse wheel on options in the menu.