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The start of the process

I've been working on an idea for a very long time now, way before VR suddenly became a thing. However now VR is a thing I've now started to work my game into a full VR experience. Anyone who was a fan of such games as Myst, Return to Zork and either the sequels to Myst or Return to Zork, I can't remember any others off hand so get in there and suggest some, will be interest in this.

I've been working on Whirligig since January 2014 and one of my aims was to make a player that was customisable so you could publish your own films with their own identity. Well that, I believe I've achieved. What I've started on now is an ability to create a game in the player as well. The publisher and player combo is at a stage already that you can make a simple game with an inventory, a use items with items, a save game function and even positional ambient audio that works with the objects you create.

I am now making my game within the publisher I've created and as I go and want more functionality, I add them to the player and publisher so I can continue on my game and give other people who want to make there own games that functionality.

A bit about the game

You arrive on a shore, it's raining, you can see the boat you arrived on and a house in the distance. What is going on, where are you, who are you, what secrets lye in the house tantalisingly in the distance, dare you investigate. I mean of course you don't have to but it would probably be a shame not to at least have a look.

So as you can tell it's a mystery game and one in the guise of games like Myst. You can move around your environment, going from one location to another with a hotspot look at system and pick up objects as you go. VR offers so much but one problem with VR is it's ability to make you feel ill through movement. A lot of games companies are coming up with unique and innovative ways to over come this but something that doesn't suffer from this is stills and video. A game like Myst is already perfect for VR, you just need a system you can make it in.

I'm creating that game. Not only that I'm doing it as analogue as possible. All the locations are hand drawn panoramas and sounds are being recorded from original sound effects vinyl recordings. I want to break the divide between wanting to make  story and environment and having to code to do so. With the publisher you won't have to code you will simple load in your locations, link them together with hotspots you will place onto your locations and build your world like that. By making my game in a tangible way I hope to demonstrate how you can create a really involving and rich experience without having to rely on rendering capability and in depth knowledge of game production. 

Here are some stills of the progress of the game and some of the sound effects records I've purchased.

I hope to be releasing some of the first locations for people to get an understanding of the process very soon. If you're interested in seeing this let me know. Any drive I can get to not procrastinate my way around this project the better.


What can you do?

Donations are good. Not only does it help fund the development of the player and the game but it also gives a vote of confidence in what I'm doing. Also now my player is on Steam you could go and buy a copy there. It's a good way to support the project, get all the latest updates and some extra great features :)

If you want to support me in another way contact me if you find bugs or even find solutions to bugs that I haven't reported yet. If there are things you would like the player to do which is currently missing then I am adding new stuff to it all the time so let me know and I'll see if I can add it. Suggestions from users are the best way to improve the player as you're the people who use it and will benefit the most from those improvements.

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