Trouble Shooting

I'm constantly updating the player so hopefully problems that might exist now will slowly be windled out however if you do have problems here are some suggestions to help.

Nothing is appearing in the Oculus when I run the player

The player is designed to work with the latest Oculus runtime which is currently 0.7.0. If this is already installed make sure that the demo scene if working in the configuration dialog.

When trying to play back some videos I hear sound but get a black screen

This most likely relates to the codec that is used in the video you are trying to play. Although I include the LAV codec it might still mean that the LAV codec hasn't installed or registered as the default codec properly. The best way to fix this is to install a codec pack such as klite (the basic version is fine) Be careful to not install the bloat ware. This should allow you to play back pretty much any format.

The video stutters when playing back

Video playback is very reliant on hardware and my player doesn't take advantage of the hardware decoding that can be achieved by the GPU. For this reason the CPU takes the strain of the playback and if you system doesn't have a powerful CPU and the video uses a CPU intensive codec such as h264 it can struggled. To help fix this make sure you have the latest version of the player as improvements are being made all the time and also update you codecs as these are also being optimised all the time. The codec pack klite is normally up to date. You could also try re-encoding the video. If you wish to re-encode the video, reducing the resolution will help and also choosing a codec that is less CPU intensive such as divx or xvid.

When viewing images there are weird black spots or it is completely black

 When viewing images make sure the resolution is divisible by 16. so for example 4096 x 4096 is fine or 4096 x 2048 is also good. You can resize images with free programs like xnview quite easily.

When trying to view high resolution images the player crashes without warning

The player can handle quite high resolution images for example 8196 x 8196 but there is an upper limit. I don't know what the upper limit is and think it might be different on every system. The best way to fix this is to simply resize the image. You can do this with xnview a free image viewer.

When viewing PNG's they appear pink

This can happen with certain types of PNG's. The only solution I have found is to either save the png again or to save the png out as a jpg.