The Whirligig video player was design from the ground up to be customisable and lockable to allow people to publisher their own films and make a reliable and enjoyable experience that they can know will work the way they want to on other people systems. The player allows playback of multiple formats including barrel, fisheye, flatscreen and custom obj projection in mono and stereo projection.

What I've created with the publisher is a way to edit and build your project with a wysiwyg interface and also wrap the whole project into a single installer so that you have a package that looks entirely your own. This includes customsing and locking off menus allowing you to set up your film so that people can't edit or change those options. change the way the video plays back, create hotspots that will go through to another video and publish the whole package into an exe installer with the LAV codec and have custom icons and images for that installer. 

The Whirligig Publisher is also a great way to create a package that you can use at exhibitions as the menu is so customisable you can create a system that will prevent a user from easily changing options or quitting from the player and know that each user is getting the same experience with a simple push of a button.

Oculus Share Site


I also have a presence on the Oculus Share site. If you like the publisher and want to shout to the community go rate it on the Oculus Share site. Alternatively if you don't like the player, keep it to yourself.

Download Publisher

The publisher installer contains the publisher, the NSIS open source install builder and the LAV codec. The NSIS install build needs to be installed to its default location so that the pubisher can use it. It is required if you wish to create an installer for you film. The publisher will run with the NSIS inall builder or LAV codec but it is highly recommended you install them for full fuctionalality in the publisher.