Whirligig Free

Whirligig free offers the same playback quality and many of the same features as the Whirligig player. If you're interested in trying out VR video it's a good place to start.

Whirligig Free

  • Three video paths. Directshow, Media foundation and LibVLC.
  • Gamepad and keyboard support.
  • All the same projection types as the Whirligig player. Fisheye, Barrel, Cinema, Cinema curved, custom and rooms.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Streaming.

Whirligig Player (full)

  • Touch and Vive controller support.
  • Choose between four menu types with more to come.
  • Advanced UI system with Gaze and icon tap support giving better mouse
  • With Oculus and Steam you get the latest betas and updates are pushed out automatically.
  • Load Whirligig from the Oculus and Steam stores.


Oculus Rift runtime 1.3 and up.
SteamVR, Vive, OSVR.
Desktop none VR.

Windows 7 up
8gb memory
For VR your system will have to meet the minimum system requirements of that device.

Oculus Rift Runtime 1.3 Setup (Allow Unknown Sources)
As this isn't on the store yet and therefore doesn't have a certificate to certify it by Oculus you need to allow unknown Sources in the Oculus 1.3 store settings. To do this, open Oculus, go to settings, go to general and tick Unknown Sources.

Download Whirligig free version

Below you'll find some download links for Whirligig free. It's highly recommended that you download and installed the LAV directshow filters to get the best support from Whirligig. you can find instructions on doing this on the troubleshooting page.

If you enjoy using Whirligig free and want to get the most up to date version, more features and help support future development then you can purchase Whirligig from the Oculus Store,  Steam Store and Viveport stores.

The installer will install to you 'program files' folder. If you have issues with playback such as a black screen then try installing a codec pack such as Klite.

If there is too much traffic on dropbox try this link:


The zip file contains just Whirligig 64 bit version. It is highly recommended that you install additional codecs such as LAV and make them the preferred codecs. I recommend using a codec pack such as Klite as this is all done automatically for you.

If there is too much traffic on dropbox try this link:


I'm providing this version for people who are still using the DK2 with SDK 8.0. This is a much older version of Whirligig but does work with the older drivers and hopefully will give your DK2 a continuing lease of life :)

A final note. I've just removed the 32 bit versions from the Whirligig.zip and installer (17-11-2017). If you need a 32 bit version then contact me through the contact here on the website and I'll send you one over.