ToDo List

For next update expected Midish some month soon

  • Add the ability to use either the full youtube link or just the code.
  • GlueUI three options. Glued to you face, positions itself when you reveal it and not glued.

Bugs that need addressing

  • Tilt up and down are not mappable on the keyboard. <>. Maybe ,.
  • (Reported on Steam) I mapped tilt down and tilt up to the vive touchpad. tilt down moves too slowly. it should move at the same speed as tilt up. tilting is inverted. tilt down = looking up and tilt up = looking down.
  • Order of video in the next and previous buttons doesn't seem to always to the next video. Reported by user.
  • Slow tilt movement when mapped to a gamepad button.
  • When Steam overlay is visible make sure Whirligig doesn't interfere with it.
  • The drag and drop doesn't seem to be working right.
  • Glued UI and Steam controller don't work properly together.
  • Check for memory leaks.

Things to check and also to research

A flow of suggestions and ideas for the future that I will pick to go into new builds, there is no priority order.

  • Add default setup button to the Oculus and Vive controllers menu.
  • continuous play, after each video go onto the next.
  • Auto hide menu when paused for a length of time.
  • Adjustable curve option for the curved Cinema screen.
  • Previous and next should mirror the option for list by date or alphabet in the explorer.
  • Thumbnails for saves. At the position of the save.
  • Contact about possible Windows 7 support for desktop mirroring.
  • Playback speeds.
  • Loop areas on the timeline in the player. Maybe using the loop feature I've already got in place.
  • Gaze support.
  • Reset to default. Maybe add this to the presets.
  • Delete option in the explorer.
  • Rating option.
  • When menu is visible remove 3D effect?
  • UPnP support. Check for a good example.
  • Add network full path support to explorer.
  • Resume or play from beginning for previous films.
  • look at optimisation of loading times in explorer.
  • add -(minus) to number input somehow.
  • BD3D2MK3D guide for people who want to watch there bluray 3D films.
  • Playlists.
  • incognito mode. Maybe a default folder option.
  • Thumbnails for videos.
  • More FOV options in Barrel.
  • Detect settings from filename.
  • Support for shortcuts.
  • Input from Source of video card.
  • Spout support.
  • Update Rooms.
  • Android/GearVR builds.
  • An ability to rotate one eye. Requested for when someone noticed there stereo camera rig had been knocked off axis.
  • SmoothVideo Project (SVP) integration.
  • Allow the menu to be independend to the VR experience so that someone can control the menu while someone else is in the VR headset.


I've made this page to help me remember things I want to integrate and things I need to. I'm totally open to suggestions by anyone so if you think I something you would like in the player then let me know and if I think I can achieve it I'll add it to the list. If there is anything in the list that you would really want let me know as well as the more people want something the more likely I'll make it a priority.

In Rooms the stretch doesn't change for Stereo videos