Feature Updates are on Hold

For creating Oculus Go and GearVR version and the release of a multi language version. I'll elaborate more very soon :)


ToDo List

Bugs that need addressing

  • A stop button that unloads the video and sends you back to the splash screen.

  • Video Lan auto plays when it shouldn't.

  • Changing tracks in Oculus latest default, check.

  • Issue reported by user. "

    Just want to inform that I experiment some problems with the mixed reality controllers. When i fixed the function of the right controller  ( function 6, 7, 8, 9) those functions do not respond constantly as expected. Ex.: Put the skip forward on fonction 6 or 7 and after few “click” the functions is replaced by “Setting” or “Skip backward”."

  • Issue reported by user. "I am also having a problem with the depth adjustment. It seems to change sometimes, and not others. I will set it, then a new clip or image comes up and it wants to reset it. I cant pin down what is happening. If I have 200 images, do I need to suppress the settings to make it stop resetting it when each image opens?

  • Hebrew subtitles don't work.

  • Desktop Mirroring. This feature was added and has actually been causing problems. I need to go in and fix the issues and also make it easier to work with.

  • Save ini with file and load ini with file need proper testing. I should also change the copy to roaming folder to prevent it loading the wrong one.

 Android Features

  • Network location support. dlna ?

  • Light changing for the rooms.



flow of suggestions and ideas for the future that I will pick to go into new builds, there is no priority order.

  • Bedroom allows you to have the video on the ceiling.

  • Look into supporting Microsoft libraries.

  • Resume playback on all videos?

  • Crop edges on videos to get rid of noise.

  • Improved youtube support.

  • Webcam show as background. Could be good for Vive

  • Should cursor be visible in monitor mode?

  • Right click to play videos support.

  • "move left" "move right" "move up" "move down" and "reset position".

  • Improved youtube support with drag and drop feature.

  • Menu colour editing. So you can dim them if you want too. Change opacity as well.

  • Oculus Go, GearVR and vive Focus support. And others if I can.

  • GoPro Fusion 360 CineForm 5.2k Support. How to fix it with VLC https://steamcommunity.com/app/451650/discussions/0/2828702373001712705/

  • Support Google Cardboard Photo format .vr.jpg

  • Multi Language options.

  • Delete files option.

  • Save volume amount between videos.

  • Thumb nails of videos. Maybe additional jpg required.

  • Looping files shorter than X seconds Y times.

  • Ability to name presets.

  • look at improving the brightness colour settings. They are ok but there is something a bit off with the brightness that makes me think it could be improved.

  • Input defaults are stored in ini files not script. This will prevent keys moving around after new functions.

  • Pause on look away from screen.


I've made this page to help me remember things I want to integrate and things I need to. I'm totally open to suggestions by anyone so if you think I something you would like in the player then let me know and if I think I can achieve it I'll add it to the list. If there is anything in the list that you would really want let me know as well as the more people want something the more likely I'll make it a priority.

In Rooms the stretch doesn't change for Stereo videos